Twas the Morning After Christmas

26 Dec

Twas the morning after Christmas
And all through the house
Barely a creature stirring
And, no sign of a mouse.

The children, still nestled
All snug in their beds
As visions of Wii
Dance in their heads.

Ma doesn’t wear a kerchief
And I have no cap
Sitting in my parents’ den
Notebook in my lap.

And, what to my sleeply eyes
Doth appear??
Bills, bills, and more bills
Enough to choke a deer.

The presents all opened
The snacks are half gone
And, any small remnant
Of my diet is blown.

And, now, a still moment
To ponder the reason
Of why God began
The first Christmas season.

God loves us so much
Beyond what we know
That He sent His Son
Whose light would soon glow.

His earthly light
Shone bright as a star
And by His disciples
Would spread to afar.

His light, not doused
As He hung on a tree
A tomb could not hold Him
And, He did it for me . . .

For me, and for you
He paid for our sin
He defeated death
And our souls He would win.

And now, our job
The meaning of Christmas
This act of God’s Son.

And now, I do wonder
What will we do
That the presents are opened
And Christmas parties are through?

Will we work hard
To tell the whole world
Or will we keep quiet
Keep His banner furled?

Will we be like Santa
And take a year’s rest
OR will be be like Paul
And give Him our best?

We will each make a choice
Each day and each night
Merry Christmas to all
And I hope yours is RIGHT!

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