Is Christmas really over??

29 Dec

The date is December 29, 2008. The New Year is coming, full steam ahead. It is four days after Christmas Day. CAN Christmas REALLY be over??

When I was a kid, I thought Christmas should be EVERYDAY. I loved getting presents, and will freely admit that is what Christmas meant to me. The electricity surrounding Christmas was like NOTHING ELSE I knew. Words cannot explain it, but every year there are some things that give me that same feeling by reminding me of days gone by.

As an adult, the electricity is fading . . . My children still love Christmas Day, but at 18 and 13, it is not quite the same. HOWEVER . . . Now that my heart is tuned into the REAL meaning of Christmas, I realize it is NOT OVER. Truth is, it is NEVER over.

Christmas is ENTIRELY about God’s gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. A gift that is available to anyone EVERY DAY of the year. Ironically, I was RIGHT when I was a kid — just for the wrong reasons. But that’s okay.

That puts a different kind of charge in my heart . . . A BETTER one. Cool. Christmas IS everyday!!!!!

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