You never know what waits around the corner

17 Feb

Yesterday, as I was doing my Monday hospital visit, God had a plan. A plan I was not aware of, but am glad I am a part of it.

As I walked into McLeod, a teenager standing on the sidewalk at the door said “Excuse me, did you coach baseball?? I think you coached me.” I started talking to him, and sure enough I coached him in Tee-ball eight or nine years ago. He was upset, so I asked him what he was doing up here. He said, “Its my dad.” His dad helped me and Keith Pettigrew coach that team.

He continued, “Dad has liver cancer and they think it has spread.” He went on to tell me they really don’t know what to expect, or what doctors can do.” I prayed with him right there on the sidewalk and went up to see his dad.

Sure enough, there sat a man I haven’t seen in quite a while . . . Randy Martin. And he is very sick. And he told me to get all the people praying that I can.

So, I turn to YOU, blog reader. Please pray for an old friend!

And, as painful as it was to put up with some of the jerks at Maple, I am glad I coached baseball. And God used it yesterday to help a young man and his family.

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