Thanks for the Prayers!

18 Feb

To make a LOOOOOOONG story short, thanks for all of the prayers! I had my EGD yesterday (after years of fighting it) and everything looked good. No ulcers and no apparent damage from my Acid Reflux. The course will apparently be to continue with meds for now and address any problems later. I was relieved.

The folks at McLeod were great as always. But I KNOW the prayers of those who were praying worked. I was not able to take my blood pressure meds until after the procedure, but my BP never read high. I had a peace about the whole thing, which is a miracle . . . I had one of these 21 years ago that did not go well to say the least. But that is a LOOOONG story that I am not about to tell.

All things considered, thanks to those who prayed. Now just pray that some of the stress on our church staff will ease up, but again, that is another LOOOONG story that won’t be told (but rest assured that we are all in it together!).

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