A Perfect Day in the GC

20 Feb

For those who do not know, California has the OC (Orange County). I have been to Laguna Beach, and it is nice, but it is NO GRAND STRAND. I know many do not believe that, but go and see for yourself. Put your foot into 65-degree ocean water in the Pacific and think about it!!

The GC is, of course, Garden City. Mom and Dad own part of a condo down here, and Drew cut school for us to come down with them. Krissy has a softball scrimmage here tomorrow, so this trip serves a couple of purposes. And it is a perfect day!! As clear and peaceful as you could ever want it!!

With ONE exception . . . A little while ago the weather person said it is 31 degrees outside with a wind chill of 24. THAT is why there is NO ONE on the beach, and the seagulls are not even moving around much. I guess this is a great day to look out the glass door at the ocean, because I don’t have a parka to wear out there!!

At least, right now. Mark my words: God willing, I WILL get my feet into the sand today!!!!

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