Conditional Reason

26 Feb

Conditional reason . . . A term I am coining for a serious malfunction of the church. I am not claiming to have INVENTED this term, but I have never heard it before. Yet I KNOW it exists, because I see it every day.

What is it, you ask?? As a pastor (and really, if you wake up, you will see this in every walk of life) I see this frequently in the commitment and understanding of those who claim membership in the Body of Christ. I guess maybe all of us fall short at some time or another in this area . . . As a pastor, there are at least three different routes people take when it comes to reason. Some, at times, are unreasonable. There is no amount of logic, fact, or ANYTHING ELSE that will cause them to rethink a position or opinion. IF they were always right, this would be fine. But . . . Well, do I have to WRITE it?? Then, there are some who seem to be very reasonable. They will listen to others, listen to God’s word, and are humble enough to change an opinion if they find their first one was errantly formed. Sometimes we are quick to form opinions based on our feelings or on a limited number of facts. These folks can reassimilate and reform, when it seems reasonable to do so.

Then, there are those given to conditional reason. They are actually quite dangerous. They will be reasonable and at least LISTEN in almost every circumstance in life UNTIL IT COMES TO THEIR LIVES. To what THEY FEEL is at the top of the list. Then, reason goes out the window. We all favor “our” projects and causes. And when we put them first, above all else, we are committing conditional reason. And possibly, idol worship . . .

Are YOU guilty of conditional reason?? There is something you can do about it. CHANGE!! Listen to God. Listen to those around you. Let the word of God be your standard. Be humble and willing to admit it when you are wrong. And God will bless you for it.

Test and see if that is true!!!

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