Be patient!!

2 Mar

Oh, if I could only LIVE the title of my blog today . . . Patience is a virtue, a desireable trait in all of us. And few of us really have it. And, I am the CHIEF of that group!!!

I am the guy that will order the part for my computer and check the shipping status 800 times in the next three days, just hoping for a miracle and not stopping to realize that it takes time to ship things. Yes, I need to slow down and THINK about things. But I don’t.

Sometimes this bleeds over into relationships. When something is a black or white issue, clear in right and wrong, I have very little patience. Now, I will be the first to confess that I have tried to live in the gray areas at times. And when it comes to God and His word, and His expectations of us, the gray areas are DANGER ZONES. Part of my job as a pastor is to warn of those zones. I have very little patience for those who thumb their noses at those warnings, and even go so far as to state that they don’t care what I think about those gray areas. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what David Wike thinks. What matters is what GOD’S WORD SAYS about the gray areas.

And, God says “Be patient!” God often tells me to slow down and allow the Holy Spirit to do His job. To realize that I cannot choose right or wrong for others, just for me. And I absolutely agree that is true . . . And, somehow, I still find a way to be hard-headed enough to be impatient!! HELP ME!! I AM HUMAN!!!!

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