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Nuthin much to say

16 Feb

Nothing much to blog about today. My mind is on my procedure. An EGD. It is really not that big of a deal, except for the fact that I had one many moons ago and they had to completely knock me out for it. I couldn’t handle it. It is hard to swallow and keep a scope down your throat.

Pray for me tomorrow!!!!

What a week!

14 Feb

When I blog, I really do try to share what is in my mind and my heart. However, a pastor is not always permitted to do that . . . People read things into what is written. People discover that I am human, and somehow it disappoints them. I struggle with life just like anyone else. And right now my tank is nearing empty.

This week I saw great victories in some lifes and situations, and saw the depths of defeat in others. I am honestly disappointed. Part of my job is to help people see the big picture of the kingdom of God, and sometimes I do not succeed. And, sometimes, my sheep just don’t want to see it.

One of my struggles as a pastor is that I don’t understand how some can just choose to NOT SEE and continue life their way. But they do. And I am left here, puzzled and feeling the stress pressing in from all sides (because when things don’t go well, the buck stops HERE).

Next week, doctors are driving a scope down my throat to make sure I don’t have an ulcer. FUN!!

To all my friends . . .

12 Feb

Without a computer, and without the ability to check facebook OR my email last night, I had no idea what was going on . . . Apparently Time Warner Cable did NOT carry the UNC/DOOK game??? Well, I am pumped about my Dish Network, because I saw it!!! To all of the Tarheel faithful, had I known I would’ve certainly told you to come on over. And, to all of the Dookies . . . Well, do I really have to say it?? I think we said it last night on the final scoreboard!

Congrats to Tyler Hansbrough for going 4-0 in CAMERON in his UNC career!!!!!


12 Feb

UNC beat DOOK at Cameron, AND we ran 101 on them!!!! Yeah, my computer is dead and I had a horrible day, but somehow none of that matters anymore!!!

Vista BSOD

11 Feb

Yes, my Dell Vostro is sick!!! The dreaded Blue Screen of Death. As soon as I get it all worked out, I’ll be back!!!!

Why Facebook?

9 Feb

Several people have asked me that question lately. The reputation of FB is that of a networking tool for college-aged people, high schoolers, and under. I seem to remember when I first heard about it, you had to have an affiliation with a school to even join (or is that an urban legend??).

Facebook is changing the “face” of social interaction today. It gives an individual a place to express themselves, reveal something about themselves that might not come out in another venue, and most of all network. Connect.

The value I find in FB is that it allows me to stay connected to members of my church (and my friends). I have reconnected with friends from high school that I’ve not had much contact with in 25 years (YES, this is the 25th anniversary of my high school graduation). With FB, I find out about sickness, problems, everything my friends face. And I would like to think I am able to help them . . . Sometimes by messenging on FB, and sometimes by knowing when it is time to give them a call.

Will FB replace blogging?? One of my techno friends asked that question the other day . . . I don’t think so. But I am finding it to be more and more of a useful tool in pastoring a church in 2009.

Time to move on

6 Feb

By my calendar, it is February 6, 2009. We are well into the new presidency. We do have problems . . . Some are because of decisions of the past . . . Some because of what we are doing right now. We need to MOVE ON.

Whether you like him or not, George W. Bush was elected president of the US TWICE. He served both terms. Did he make some bad decisions? Yes. By the way, did YOU make any bad decisions in the last eight years? Did he make some good decisions? Yes. And life goes on.

In the wake of our historic inauguration, we find Bush being blamed for EVERYTHING WRONG in the world today. I even told my kids that the FSD1 goof-up this week on their weather policies was somehow Bush’s fault, since everything else in the world is his fault (that was SARCASM). Time to move on.

President Obama is now our leader. We Christians need to pray for him EVERY DAY. Our economy is still in the tank. We are still fighting two wars. People are losing jobs everyday. We focus onward and upward and MOVE ON.

Worry will get us nowhere. Blame . . . Blame Bush if you want. Heck, blame Richard Nixon if it makes you feel better. But it is time to MOVE ON, AMERICA!!

And, for the record, I don’t think it is George Bush’s fault about the snowday/late day fiasco this week. I blame the Tooth Fairy.