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5 Mar

I hope that is what I write. I know sometimes it is short, and sometimes it is cheezy, but there are things that make it to my heart and I think are worth putting on here. One of them was borne out of a discussion between myself and Justin Mc yesterday. We were talking about addicitons and sin, specifically pornography and God’s intention for sex and how misunderstood and bastardized it has become in the world.

Specifically, God’s expectation for sex is that it is for marriage. Sex should be between a husband and wife ONLY within the confines of marriage. NO ADULTERY. NO PRE-MARITAL SEX. He is pretty clear about that. WHY??

Sociologists have discussed, for YEARS, the damage done by multiple sex partners. Not only are there deadly health risks, but there is great emotional damage. How would you like to know that your husband or wife is seeing the faces of the 20 encounters they had (before they met you) every time you were with them??

In addition to the above, pornography adds a greater chance of addiction and the victimization of women. Porn gives men a totally WRONG idea about the desires of a woman, frequently shows women as victims, and creates a greater riff between the sexes. AND the lust involved creates a greater riff between man and God.

The world doesn’t want you to understand that, or to believe these words I am writing. The irony is that God doesn’t just have this expectation for sex to be difficult with us . . . He actually KNOWS what is best for us and only wants the best for us. So, there IS a purpose (once again) in His plan for sex.

What do you know??? God IS smarter than us. HA!!!!!

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