Defeated (no pun intended to all of the Dook fans)

9 Mar

Do you ever feel that way?? DEFEATED?? No matter what you do, no matter how well you do it, you are making no headway and even losing ground?? They say a pastor should NEVER make a major life decision on Monday. Because Monday can be a very “defeating” day.

Yes, there are times around a church when pastors and ministers feel defeated. No matter what we do, it will never be good enough. Doesn’t hit the target. People don’t have any idea or care. The “numbers” just are not there. And, we wonder why??

This can become a vicious downward spiral. Until we wake up and realize something very important, being in the ministry can be very depressing. But then, the truth hits: WE DON’T DO THIS FOR THE NUMBERS. We do all that we do for God, as an act of OUR spiritual worship. And, suddenly, nothing else matters. How SHOULD a minister (or ANY Christian) measure success?? NOT BY THE NUMBERS. By the way it pleases God. HE is our measure of success. And HE desires our obedience.

So, if WE are obedient, HE is pleased. And if WE are obedient, there is NO WAY we can ever be defeated. CHEER UP, all you pastors out there!!!! God is IN CONTROL! And NOTHING ELSE matters.

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