10 Mar

Is it too much to try to understand what is going on around you?? Some think so. When we get caught up in the “I am the center of the universe mentality,” we don’t care to take the time to understand ANYTHING because we think we understand EVERYTHING. And, I mean, come on, YOU are not the center of the universe. (because I am)

Seriously, there is a WHOLE WORLD around you, full of people, places, and things. Okay, full of nouns. And in this big world, we have a role to play. If Christ is your Savior, and He is the center of YOUR existence, then you have a serious and vital role to play in building the kingdom of God. Your presence is NEEDED to accomplish His will and purpose on this Earth.

So, the next time you think you have it all figured out, stop and realize that you don’t but God DOES. Place your faith in Him. Be understanding of those around you, of yourself, and most importantly seek to understand and discover His will for your life. That kind of perspective will give your life meaning as it has never had before.

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