The Sting of Death

17 Mar

Paul told us that the sting of death is sin. He wrote that in I Corinthians 15. I believe he was writing about the impact sin has on our lives and how it can cause separation from God, and ETERNAL separation if left unchecked and unconfessed. But that is NOT what I am writing about today.

I just finished writing the second of two funerals this week. One yesterday, one a little later this morning. This one, however, stings a little. This one exposes some old scars and after years and years, they are still tender.

Death can be difficult for the living. We have never faced it, do not really understand it, and when someone we love dies we have a difficult time with the fact that we will never see them again on this earth. We can expect death, we learn to deal with it as those around us die. Older family members pass away, and we applaud their longevity. That doesn’t make it any easier on us, but we think it will. We tell ourselves the things we need to hear to ease the pain.

One of the things I remembered this week is how difficult it is for a young person to deal with death. When death slaps them in the face, it can hurt and it can alter their perspective on life. A friend this week lost his father. Okay, he is more than a friend: He is Krissy’s boyfriend. And where his father was an older man, the pain of death is still very real and very raw for he and his family. No matter how old a person is, or no matter how bad their health, it is still difficult for those left behind.

Watching his family endure these days reminds me of something that happened many years ago. Something I am still not ready to write about. And it has reminded me of another time, and some other young people who were slapped in the face by death. And it was hard. And it still is today.

Yes, I DO believe that we all have an appointed time to die. Ecclesiastes 3 and Hebrews 9 confirm that. But that doesn’t make it any easier for those who remain.

Over all of these years, there is ONE THING I know someone can count on in a time like this: GOD REALLY DOES CARE ABOUT YOU. He will walk this path with you. When Jesus wept at Lazarus’ tomb, that confirms to me that God really DOES feel our pain. And He will walk every step of the difficult road ahead with us!!

That, friends, is the ONLY HOPE we have. And He is the ONLY HOPE we need!!!

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