The Chicken Curse at it again???

18 Mar

Here is one for all of you Sandlappers . . . Is there such a thing as the Chicken Curse?? If you want the background on the alledged curse, google it . . . It is quite a story. And, alledgedly, it will prevent the USC Gamecocks from ever really being successful on a national level in sports. My question for you, today, is this: IS IT REAL??? As a pastor, you know I would say there is no such thing . . . But as a former athlete who would not wash his socks during a winning streak in high school (yep, guys, that was ME stinking it up), you gotta wonder . . .

What do YOU think?? Reply and let everyone know! And, although I want him to reply, I will go ahead and tell you that Joel Fowler thinks so. And after last night, I KNOW he went to bed thinking about the chicken curse . . . AND LAUGHING.

What do YOU think?

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