Allowing our children to EARN THEIR SPOT

27 Mar

I’ve played sports all of my life (contrary to my appearance). One thing I learned, playing four varsity sports in high school, is that you have to earn your spot. YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD if you want to play.

I could wax philosophic on this for hours, but here is the bottom line: DON’T THINK YOU ARE DOING YOUR KID A FAVOR IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE TO CUSS THE COACH OUT TO GET THEM A SPOT ON THE FIELD!!! Hear me?? If your kid has a bad game, is it possible that it could actually be YOUR KID’S FAULT instead of the coach??

One thing I have learned in the last decade of youth ministry and pastoral ministry: We are quickly becoming a generation that blames EVERYONE ELSE for our own shortcomings. Do yourself, and your child a favor: Let them earn their own spot.

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