Going where God leads

30 Mar

A frequent topic of sermons at Ebenezer, going WHERE God leads is one of the most important things a Christian can do. We believe it at EBC, we preach it at EBC, and I pray that we live it at EBC.

In keeping with the consistency of all of that, did you know that most pastors PREACH what God leads?? Different processes are used, but most pastors I know REALLY listen to God and preach what they feel He wants them to preach. Some plan for months in advance. Some choose from week to week. But most pastors I know allow God to take the lead when it comes to their pulpits.

And I am no different. I pray, I keep my eyes open, and I seek His inspiration. And if I am REALLY SEEKING Him, He never lets me down!!! I love His consistency . . . Although we will never fully understand Him in this life, there are things we can count on to be far more consistent that we even imagine!!!

And if I didn’t do it this way . . . and if those other pastors I know didn’t do it this way . . . How could we preach trust if we don’t practice it ourselves???

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