1 Apr

Are YOU afraid of quicksand??

I have never seen real quicksand, but I have been caught in a quicksand of sorts. The best explanation I have ever seen of this is in a scene from the movie “The Replacements” starring Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman (among others). In a team meeting, the football coach (Hackman) asks the team what they fear . . . After a couple of dumb answers, Reeves’ character says “quicksand.” He goes on to explain that quicksand is when one mistake leads to another, then another, and before you know it you are up to your neck in it. And have NO CONFIDENCE at all. Quicksand.

That is EXACTLY where the West Florence Lady Knights are right now. They played a GREAT GAME last night until one big mistake lead to another, and another, and they were in it before they knew it. And that has happened in almost EVERY LOSS this year.

How do you survive quicksand?? The more important question is how do you NOT survive?? You don’t survive when you panic and struggle . . . You DO survive when you swim in it. SWIM IN IT?? That is what Tarzan said, and if it is good enough for the King of the Jungle . . .

Seriously, in any sport you CANNOT allow one error to pull you down. If you do, you are in quicksand. You gotta play through it. You gotta ENCOURAGE your teammates and pick them up so they don’t get stuck. You gotta shake it off and keep rolling. Don’t get too worried about it. Make the next play.

In fact, softball and baseball is simple . . . Its all about doing the right thing on the NEXT PLAY.

We can get stuck in quicksand in life, too. It is amazing to me how much sports teach about REAL LIFE. And that is all I have to say about that . . .

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