31 Mar

Maybe I am too easily baffled by this, but I am amazed at the lack of faithfulness and loyalty among people today. Of course, I remember the days when a professional team drafted a player and that player stayed there for the rest of his career. I remember the days when a company hired someone out of college and they could count on a job, and being treated well, for the rest of their career.

THOSE DAYS ARE GONE!!! I still remember the day Dale Murphy left the Atlanta Braves and became a Phillie. A PHILLIE!!! That is just like leaving the Confederate army and becoming a YANKEE (for those Southerners out there). Murphy’s move was controversial . . . and about money.

NOW DAYS, that kind of move seems as pure as the milk Dale Murphy drank on tv commercials!! Corporations have no faithfulness and loyalty to their workers, and in turn, we are becoming a society just like that. We have no loyalty either. And it is filtering its way down.

It has already hit the church, and will continue to do so. And that is a sad day. Are we becoming a consumer exchange?? We are supposed to be a FAMILY. And, you don’t just walk out on family. And that is where it is all headed . . . As loyalties die out down the line, this mindset will eventually attack the family.

Hmmm . . . I wonder WHERE this mindset comes from???

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