The Value of Honesty

4 May

As a pastor, I see the best and worst of people. I get the privilege of being with folks in some of the best times of life, and I have the responsibility of being there in some of the worst. A by-product of serving people is I get caught in the middle of disputes and sometimes feel the brunt of personal agenda.

In other words, sometimes my job is GREAT and sometimes it stinks. And one of the times it really stinks is when folks feel the need to tell me things that are not true. Okay, times when people lie. I have this thing about honesty . . . I believe trust is like a bank account you build up with others. And when people choose to lie, my trust in them quickly disappears.

Not only as a pastor, but as a person I appreciate honesty. People also make this mistake of believing that I am judging everything that everyone does. Trust me, I have seen it all!!! And I am not your judge.

So, be honest . . . I promise I probably won’t throw holy water at you.

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