I saw the church at work last night

11 Jun

No, this is not a blog about VBS. What I saw last night HAPPENED at VBS, but it really had nothing to do with the Crocodile Dock (which was ROCKIN last night again).

I really cannot go into great detail, but I WATCHED the New Testament church hard at work. I saw a brother with a great need . . . In fact, it would seem to be an impossible mountain that HE HAD TO CLIMB last night or else a life-changing door would’ve been closed. It really looked like a dead-end.

And then a man stepped up. No names here . . . God knows who. And that man worked hard last night. And slowly, step by step, that man helped his brother climb that mountain. And they got to the top. And God’s kingdom will benefit from that climb.

It kind of reminded me about something I watched years ago during one of our mission trips to Parris Island. If you haven’t read about or watched the documentary on the Crucible, you need to!! The Crucible combines every element of a Marine Recruit’s training into a grueling 54-hour exercise. IF YOU MAKE IT BACK, YOU GRADUATE BOOT CAMP!!!

One Thursday, a few of us were allowed to go to the parade deck and watch these men and women return from the Crucible. I don’t know if I was prepared to see what I saw. Strong recruits marching in with great pride. And with even greater pride, there were some recruits CARRYING INJURED BROTHERS ANDS SISTERS in arms. The rules only say you have to make it back!!! How powerful it was to see two recruits carrying their brother, who could not walk due to an injury on this exercise. And, in the end, all three graduated. All three earned the title “Marine.”

I watched one of my Ebenezer brothers carry another across that line last night. And it changed me.

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