LA wins the NBA championship

15 Jun

So, the Lakers win and the city of Los Angeles falls into destruction . .. Hmmmph. That is a logical repsonse.

WHY does this happen in cities like LA and Detroit?? Team wins, so people feel the need to loot and vandalize THEIR OWN CITY?!?!?!?! Sure, it was just around the Staples Center. Just a few police cars, a gas station, a news van, and some other cars. But what gives?? Why do people do things like this?

In all seriousness, I think it is a sign of the times. The general public has less and less self-respect, and therefore less respect for the property of others and for public safety. The need to outdo the last group that did this will just push it farther and farther. In 30 years, I might read this and think “Wow!! I wish this world were STILL like this!” And that is a frightening thought!

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