17 Jun

I am impressed!! Florence is a great city. A growing city. In spite of some opinions, it is not Mayberry or some small Southern town where the sheriff sits behind a sign with a button to change the color of the traffic light on unsuspecting tourists to pull them over and write them HUGE traffic tickets just to generate income. No, Florence reminds me of the Greenville I grew up in before BMW moved in and created a monster.

I am continually impressed with our sheriff’s office and the lengths they are willing to go to fight crime. This incident I’ve blogged about and tweeted about tells the story of how they REALLY ARE fighting crime in the 21st Century. I read an article and a public comment on scnow.com about a man who was “missing” in Florence and was found safe. The comment read “Well, another man is missing. I think I will go out on I-95 and pull drugs off the interstate. That will help!” It was a slap at Kenney Boone and the great work those folks are doing out there. This person failed to read the ENTIRE article before making his political statement: It turned out that the “missing” male, in his mid-20s, had merely gone to North Carolina to visit friends without telling anyone. SCNOW.COM should do a better job of moderating comments, because that person made himself look like an idiot!

True, I know a bunch of folks in our sheriff’s office. I count Kenney Boone, Jason Dore, Wayne Howard, Tony Hannah, and several others down there as my friends. So I guess you could say I am biased.

But you cannot read about what happened over here in Chadwick and deny that these guys and ladies are working hard to protect Florence County. Because I have seen them do the SAME THINGS, many times, for many others they did not know. WHY?? Because that is their job, and THEY DO IT WELL.

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