Be careful, Florence!

15 Jun

Something unsettling happened at my front door today. Around noon a young man with a book in his hand and some type of id around his neck came to knock on my door. Krissy happened to be running back out to her car and opened the door, looked up, and there he was. He told her he was with the homeowners assocation and he needed to know when her parents would be home. She was startled, answered his question, and he left.

Diana and I were both in route to the house to eat lunch. Unlucky for him, Diana beat me home. Found him a few doors down. Asked him exactly why the homeowners assocation sent him to our door. He quickly denied that he said that, and was selling some sort of book. Door to door. In the middle of the day. When very few people are home.

Now, WHAT is wrong with that picture??

I called a friend, code named “Secret Agent Man” and asked if I needed to call the Florence County Sheriffs Office. I know those guys work hard and don’t want to bother them with everything that happens. But, thanks for Facebook, I never got a chance to call!

One of my Facebook friends (and church members) is married to an investigator with the FCSO. She read my status, which told everyone to beware because this is happening, and she called her hubby. He called me and wanted all of the details.

And I really appreciate that. I would never want to crush someone’s chance to earn a living, but I am sorry, it is just sketchy to be selling door-to-door in a subdivision mostly inhabited by families who are at work during the day. Could they be finding out who is NOT at home?? Could they be scoping out cars?

I don’t know. I will leave that to my friends at the FCSO. They WILL figure it out!

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