I refused

30 Jun

Today I got a call from News13. They wanted me to sit on a panel of pastors and do a spot on what how we are leading our churches through the Governor Sanford controversy. What are we telling our congregants about it??

I refused. For a couple of reasons. First of all, I’ve done things like this before and had my comments taken way out of context. Was not happy about it at all. That was the last time I did anything with this particular group. But that was not what really compelled me to say “no.” The second reason did that!

The second reason is this: I am kind of sick of hearing about it, and I believe a lot of folks are, too! But, if you are curious … If you do not know how I feel about it … Here goes:

ALL HAVE SINNED and fall short of the glory of God

IF WE CONFESS our sins, (God) is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

LOVE GOD with all of your heart, mind, soul, body, and strength and LOVE EACH OTHER more than we love ourselves.


Yes, I am appalled at what the governor did. I hate the sin because of what it will do to the family. But I do not hate the sinner, and because he is such a high-profile person in our state, I know to pray for his children, for his wife, and yes, even for him.

Not that I am being cavalier in my attitude, but don’t you realize that TEMPTATION seeks to pull us ALL DOWN!! And any of us that think we are above temptation are IN THE MOST DANGER!! How do we overcome temptation? PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD. HE is the only one that can pull us through. And if we ever let go of His hand in the heat of temptation, we are in trouble. Mark Sanford is NOT PERFECT, but NEITHER ARE WE!!!

Where does it go from here? Governor Sanford has a few more questions to answer. I hope we will let go of this at the right time, when all is investigated and understood from a legal aspect, and allow him to do the most important things he can now do: Confess this to God, and make this right with his wife and children. And I believe, and I pray, THIS will be his biggest priority for the rest of his life.

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