The First Step of a New Journey

1 Jul

Tomorrow, my daughter will take her next step. Although it might be considered a small step, it is a HUGE one in her dad’s eyes. This afternoon we will drive to Easley, to my parent’s home. Then, bright and early tomorrow morning, Diana, Krissy, and I will begin her orientation at Clemson.

To be really honest here, there are TWO major concerns about Krissy going to Clemson: How will I pay for it? and How will her car survive?? Honestly, I KNOW Krissy is ready. She has had her moments (as ALL kids do), but all in all, she is ready for this step. I know it. It will be hard for her to be over three hours away, but a lot of other parents have made it, so we will.

So, I AM a proud dad. I might be a little grouchy around the middle of August (when I have to move her up there FOUR DAYS BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY), but just ignore me. I will get better!!!!!

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