A Wild Day

27 Jul

Yesterday was an extraordinary Sunday. In many ways. It was one of those days when the planets aligned and there was SO MUCH GOING ON I could barely see straight in front of me for the next event.

Morning worship was great. Dawn Smith Jordan presented a mini-concert AND led worship for Ed, who is in Honduras right now on medical mission. We commissioned Bryan and Tracey Braddock for their work in Chicago.

After lunch with DSJ and the family, it was off to Freedom Florence. The Dixie Youth State Tournament is here this week, and yours truly is assisting by lining up people to pray and sing the national anthem at the beginning of each day. Yesterday, Ethan Pettigrew prayed and Abbie Norton sang. And BOTH did an amazing job. I almost choked up.

Then, off to Antioch Baptist Church, another church planted by Rev. Sampson Ham back in the mid-1800’s. They were having a mortgage burning and, in light of the fact Ebenezer is their parent church, they asked me to come and pray an ancestrial/roots prayer. That was fun.

THEN, off to Ebenezer (I had to leave Antioch early) for Sunday evening worship. Sunday evenings have become more of a small-group Bible study. I love it, but I do wish more people would come.

Then, home again (I did see the inside of my home twice in the afternoon, for only for about 30 minutes each time). After preaching in the morning, I usually stay home in the afternoon and chill out. Takes a lot out of you. Now, this morning, I NEED A TRIPLE SHOT … Of espresso, of course!

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