Fun with AT&T

28 Jul

We pay ATT aLOT of money every month. They have our home phone, dsl, Dish TV, and our cellular service. A cellular service that is a family package that, alone, we pay mucho dinero for. So, you would think their customer service would be first rate, right??

Krissy is having multiple problems with a Palm Centro she bought in January. It drops calls. It misses text messages. Diana and Krissy have gone back to the ATT store a couple of times, and to no avail.

I will say the assistant manager of the ATT store on Second Loop was very helpful. He seemed to understand the intermittent problems we are having. HOWEVER, the person on the toll free warranty line, who we had to call FROM THE STORE, was not.

She tried to convince me that Krissy is dropping texts because she has too much stuff on her phone. Untrue. Then she tried to call the phone and it went straight to voicemail. THAT IS ONE OF THE PROBLEMS. Then she called again and it went to the phone. “Well, Mr. Wike, it seems the phone is fixed.” “No ma’am, the problem comes and goes.”

“Well, it is working now.” “Ma’am, you JUST CALLED IT AND IT WENT STRAIGHT TO VOICEMAIL.”

I could go on and on. She simply refused to hear the problem and tried to convince me I should buy a NEW PHONE. Wait a minute … isnt she the WARRANTY DEPARTMENT!! She even would not listen to the assistant manager when HE TRIED TO EXPLAIN THE PROBLEM TO HER.

The resolution is they are sending a refurbished phone to Krissy and we are trying that. I am not a happy camper with AT&T right now.

She was very friendly and nice. But her customer service was HORRIBLE. And when my contracts are all up, I might just be looking for a new provider.

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