Sometimes life hurts

30 Jul

I took a day off yesterday to go and help my parents. To make a long story short, my folks are having a hard time with a tennant and decided to ask him to leave. Much, much easier said than done.

At the magistrate’s office, the hearing went as well as it could. After all evidence was carefully considered, the judge basically told the tennant he had to vacate the property. It was difficult to hear the evidence, the f-bombs dropped on my mom a few months ago, the range of emotion from the tennant from accusing my mom and dad of being driven by greed (if you knew my mom and dad, you would realize how absolutely RIDICULOUS that is), to admitting he tried to get them to give him 50k and he would GO AWAY, along with a few other things.

The part where life hurts came when I had to leave to come back last night. It is hard to see how volatile this guy was, even with the judge, and not wonder if he will try to do something to my folks. That makes me kind of sick. On one hand, this thing IS headed in the right direction. And that is a good thing. Just gonna be a rough few weeks.

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