I used to be perfect until I thought I made a mistake

15 Sep

I was wrong!!! HA! Anyone who knows me knows that is not true. I make mistakes daily. Sometimes I am a train wreck waiting to happen, a bull in a china shop. And I know it. I guess that is one positive in all of this.

One of my biggest shortcomings is in my focus. I get so caught up in what is ahead that I forget to encourage those beside me. And I have some of the finest people on earth beside me in the staff at Ebenezer. We share common goals, fight the common fight, and all of us bleed, sweat, and shed tears over what is ahead. And I forget to encourage them. And that is very, very bad.

And if they read this, and I hope they will: I love you guys and appreciate you more than you could ever know. I know things have been tough lately, but we will make it through!! And if you don’t read it, I’m gonna tell you in person!

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