Now I KNOW I need therapy

16 Sep

Had an extremely interesting thing happen to me yesterday. But first, I must tell a story …

A couple of years ago, I was driving on one of the roads that cuts through between Second Loop Road and Third Loop Road to get home. Its a road I’ve driven on since 2001 on a DAILY basis. You know how you can just tell when someone is a few cards short of a complete deck?? There is this man whose house is on that road. One day, out of the blue, I am riding on this road and he comes running to the edge of his yard. And with this intense, crazy look on his face, he starts using a full-armed POINT at me. As I drive by, he angrily points ten times at me. I couldn’t tell if he was putting a hex on me or if he’d watched too much WWE the night before …

I wondered what on earth he was doing?? What would stop him from walking into my neighborhood (which is at the end of his road), finding my car, and continuing his little fit?? Then I started thinking, “All I need is ANOTHER crazy person out to get me!” (Remember, I am a pastor and from time to time this happens)

I certainly told Krissy and Diana to be careful when riding by his house, not knowing if the next time one of us would receive a brick or rock or something more …

Over the months, I wondered what I would do if he did it again. I’ve probably seen him a hundred times since then, and nothing … UNTIL YESTERDAY. A long time ago, I decided if he did it again I would wave at him. He pointed … and I waved. Then he waved back and turned to walk back to his house.

WOW!!! I’d worked up this crazy guy in my mind. And all he was doing was waving!!!

So send the men in white lab coats on over … I’m ready for my straightjacket now.

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