A Little Plug …

16 Sep

Got an email from my pal Flossip that I thought I would pass along, especially to all of my Florence friends:

Please pardon the brief interuption in your email inbox. I am trying to get everyone to forward this email to help McLeod Children’s Hospital– no money out of your pocket, just a quick click of the mouse to vote for them to win! Help Mcleod Children’s Hospital win an upgraded gameroom!Visit the Vote Now page and Login to vote for the Children’s Miracle Network hospital of your choice to receive an upgraded gameroom. The top three hospitals with the most votes will win. You are allowed 10 votes per day until the contest closes at 11:59pm EST on Friday, October 16th. Mcleod Children’s Hospital is currently in 37th place… we can do better than that! The website to enter is: http://xbox.childrensmiraclenetwork.orgPLEASE forward this to all of your friends. — The Flossip

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