Why I love South Carolina!

13 Oct

To make a long story short, yesterday I heard my state insulted. Won’t go into details. But it got me thinking about WHY I love SC. Would you like to hear it??? Here it goes:

Is it the rolling hills and mountainn views of my beloved hometown, Greenville?? Diana, Krissy, and I were all born there. (Drew is our ragin Cajun, born in New Orleans) I will never forget how sad I was the first time Krissy saw the Blue Ridge Mountains over the horizon. She was 18 months old when we moved to New Orleans. She was probably three when we were riding up to my mother-in-law’s house when Krissy, from the backseat of our Bronco II, proclaimed “Look at the pretty clouds!” It was a cold, clear December day. The sky was as blue as the UNC away jerseys (I had to) and there was NOTHING in them. Diana asked her “What clouds, sweetie? The sky is clear!” She kept insisting, and finally pointed to the clouds on the horizon … The Blue Ridge Mountains. We had to explain the concept of a mountain to her (you know there is only ONE hill in New Orleans, and it is man-made in a park). That day, I was sad. I love Greenville.

Why do I love SC? Is it the tradition and history of Charleston. I love to visit Charleston, because you can just feel it. If you ever have the urge to visit the French Quarter in Nawlins, just imagine the downtown area of Charleston, but much less well-kept. And it is not only a city of history, it is a city of tomorrow. I love that place.

Why do I love SC? Is it the beaches of the Grand Strand, Charleston area, and Hilton Head?? I’ve been to beaches all over the U.S.: Both coasts of Florida and the panhandle, Mississippi, and Southern California. And there are no beaches like our beaches in the whole US! (I haven’t been to Hawaii, but if anyone wants to fund such a venture, I THINK I could clear the calendar!)

Why do I love SC? Could it be my HOME, Florence?? Yes, I used to call Greenville my home. But after almost 15 years of living here, Florence IS HOME. And we love it! I think it has the best of everything: Close to the beach, not too far from Greenville, steeped in history, and filled with potential and a future. And home to some of the greatest people I’ve ever known.

Why do I love SC? It’s all of that and more. I cannot actually put a finger on it, but I know I love it. I know I don’t appreciate it when it is insulted. I know it is the greatest state in the nation!! And I am proud to call it home!

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