Building the Kingdom of God

16 Oct

Yesterday I did something most all of us must do: Bought tires. Now that Nu Tire is closed, I found myself searching for a new tire place. Thought about Sams, which I’ve done before. But at the prompting of a friend I went to Creel Tire in Florence. A local business, and service IS something they specialize in.

I called these guys and their quote was just a little higher than Sams, but the service they offer was worth the difference. So we took Diana’s van there and dropped it off at lunch. When she got off work, we went back to pick it up.

After paying the bill and gettin the keys, we walked outside and, low and behold, we ran into Chris Reeder! Chris is one of my Twitter and Facebook friends. We had only met once or twice before and never had a chance to talk, but I took some time yesterday. Chris and I have several things in common: I used to work in IT, Chris still does, and we both pastor! Chris is the Lead Pastor of a new church start in Florence called Revolution Church.

We took some time and talked a little about what’s going on in each of our churches. Chris has a good problem, and one unique to an upstart church that is doing the RIGHT thing: Their goal is to reach the unchurched in Florence, and he and his wife are finding themselves in the position of needing to disciple a bunch of young Christians. Lots of work, but WHAT A CALLING!! They recently asked churches in the Florence area to commit to pray for them. There are (and will be more) people at EBC praying for them. What they are doing is awesome, and I am proud to call them our sister church!!!

That’s what building the Kingdom of God is all about. I’ve seen church starts that are more interested in building a church (by targeting members of other churches to bolster their numbers) and I am thrilled to support a church that really is trying to reach the lost!!

Pray for them!! Revolution Church of Florence and Chris & Susanne Reeder!!!

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