Diff’rent Strokes

19 Oct

As I sit here with my ankle propped up, some of the events of the past few weeks are catching up to me. I’ve been sitting here thinking about my interactions with different people this past month and how different some of the interactions have been.

Most who know me know that I am basically a gentle person (at least, I HOPE that is what they know). I try to lead with encouragement and kindness. Yes, there are many of you who’ve seen me at my best and at my worst, and some of you might not agree with me. But that is the approach I take from the inside.

I know I am getting older (this ANKLE thing is enough proof of that). But I am constantly reminded that different people seek and require different modes of leadership. Some of those are kind of against my nature. But, in leadership, sometimes you have to force yourself out of your comfort zone to get things done.

What I am talking about is a basic awareness that there are some, no matter how kind or gentle I try to be, that WILL NOT RESPOND to that kind of leadership. There actually are some who desire a firm hand, a firm tone. And I find it strange how quickly I can fall into that role. Because that really is NOT ME.

I consider myself a student of people … that is part of my job. And, I DO NOT like it when people take the drill instructor approach with me. So it really blows my mind when others WANT me to take that approach with them. That puzzles me!!

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