You can’t make ’em behave!!!

25 Oct

This morning I am headed for a divine appointment. I don’t believe in coincidence, nor do I believe it is by accident that I am preaching Daniel 6 this morning. God put it on my heart and I know it is exactly what He wants us to hear. This morning I am headed into a supernatural situation … And I have proof!!

First of all, I can’t tell you how many times God leads us to something in worship and people say “How did you know?? That is EXACTLY where I am, EXACTLY what I needed to hear??” My answer is that God knows … No, I haven’t been eavesdropping. No, I didn’t look at the Sunday School lesson and coordinate. No, I had no idea that is what was in Guideposts, Open Windows, or any other devotional booklet. God did it!

He does stuff like that every Sunday … All the time, really! And I am comfortable allowing Him to do His job and me just doing mine.

With that said, another fact of ministry, a fact of people is that as their pastor, I CANNOT MAKE THEM BEHAVE!! I can’t even make them pay attention! And I have to adjust to that, to be able to work in that environment. And that is tough. As a young minister, that was very frustrating … It’s like telling someone, over and over again, that their house is on fire as they refuse to leave it. And certainly won’t allow me to pull them out.

I can tell them, I can show them, I can beg them, I can plead with them, I can do everything within my power to pull them to God … But ultimately THEY MUST MAKE THE CHOICE. I cannot live their lives for them. I cannot make them live the way I want them to live.

That is between them and God. And He wants their hearts. He wants to be THEIR CHOICE. And I HAVE to allow Him to do His job.

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