29 Oct

An artist asked a gallery owner if there had been any interest in his paintings on display …

“I have good news and bad news” the owner replied. “The good news is a man inquired about your work and asked if it would appreciate after your death. I replied ‘yes’ and he bought EVERY PIECE!”

“WOW, that is GREAT NEWS!” replied the artist. “So, what is the bad news?”

“The guy said he was your doctor!”

I had a recheck yesterday with my doctor for my medications. I guess it went well, will hear back from the blood work today or tomorrow. One of the things I hate about going to the doctor is the inevitable blood pressure spike it causes. It ALWAYS reads high in their office. Last week I had some dental work and they always take my BP there. And it ALWAYS reads around 120/80 like it does at home. But NOT YESTERDAY!! However, I keep a check on it at home and it always reads 120ish / 80ish.

In other news, Fall Festival last night, once again, was incredible. God keeps doing great things with this outreach event. Much thanks to the Family Enrichment Team for all the hard work they did, like every year, to coordinate this thing and pull it off. Where would Ebenezer be without faithful people working hard to help stuff happen??

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