Fall Festival TONIGHT!

28 Oct

One of the most exciting, tiring, awesome, crowded, fun, significant events in the Ebenezer year will happen tonight. Our annual Fall Festival. The history of the EBC festival goes back many years … Before we even had a Family Life Center. But, the level of organized festival we have today, one that we do for the community, goes back at least fifteen years.

Years ago, EBC decided we would do something for the community, giving children a safe alternative. Some criticize such festivals, saying churches that do them are caving to a secular and demonic holiday. I say we are taking an old tradition and using it to build the kingdom for Christ! Using it to reach families! And that we do!! Last year we identified over 60 families that did not have a church home and reached out to EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! THAT is what WE do with Fall Festival! We are careful not to use it to steal families from other churches, but we aggressively go after families that do not have church homes.

And, even beyond that, there is something really cool about have 1000 guests for fun, free games and candy, and a chance for us to show others that Ebenezer folks are just like them!!

It will be a long day … a late night … Feet will hurt … HUNDREDS of Ebenezerites will pitch in and work … And it will be great!!

Hope to see you there!

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