It’s all about ME … right???

13 Nov

We all live life in the first-person … Words like “I, me, mine” are never far from our lips. This is a fact of life and is our nature. And it not necessarily evil … This is the way our operating system is put together. It’s impossible for me to LITERALLY see life from your perspective!

One of the delicate balances required of those who follow Christ is the balance between living a ME-centered life and living a CHRIST-centered life. And it takes discipline. If left to whatever slips out of our minds and mouths, we will be very me-centered. But Jesus said if we come after Him, we must DENY OURSELVES, TAKE UP OUR CROSSES, and FOLLOW HIM.

So, where our lives, our perspectives, and everything in our natures say “ME,” following Christ demands we see things from HIS perspective, that we try with all our might to see His big picture, and act accordingly. If HIS perspective is our discipline, if we are indwelled by HIS Spirit, if we truly are FOLLOWING HIM, then our words and actions will reflect HIM.

So, maybe it’s not really all about me???

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