The REST of the story

13 Nov

Many thanks to my FB and Twitter friends for all of their stories about WACS. There were clearly stories that needed to be told!! As for my story, there is so much more I could’ve written. I really only shared about 10% of the details … and I don’t think I should share the rest right now.

I was motivated to write that story after discovering a friend and fellow pastor in Florence who’d attended Shannon Forest across town. He had never heard of WACS and graduated in the 90’s. And I thought it sad that my beloved school had virtually disappeared from the Greenville scene and no one knew why!

And now to pay the piper: I know some who will be angry with me for writing those words. That’s okay: I will stand before God one day KNOWING that everything I wrote in that story IS TRUE. I wrote NOTHING that I didn’t hear or see FIRSTHAND in that account. And even with those words, I know some that will not believe me. And that’s okay … I know the truth!

There was something else. Something that happened after that meeting Diana and I had with the pastor … A few months after all this happened, we saw an old friend from WABC. It was good to see him and talk to him. After some surface chit-chat, he said something that almost flew right over my head. He said: “And, by the way, I heard that story about you guys and I KNOW it’s not true.” And I was standing there, grinning like an idiot. And I asked, “What story?” To make a long story short, there was a little ditty going around the church about Diana throwing books at someone in that meeting (and it wasn’t me!)

That was fascinating, because I was in that meeting. I walked in with Diana at the beginning, and I watched her leave the room in tears at the end. And SHE NEVER THREW ANYTHING in that meeting, and neither did I!! Hmmph!!

All that is left to consider is how will all of this impact those “Conquering Cavaliers” that were absolutely LOVED by two pastors at WABC, Dan Greer and Eddie Greene?? We can choose to be BITTER … or we can choose to be BETTER.

I think I will choose the latter!!!

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