Had a dream …

17 Nov

I guess I need to contact Joseph. I had a dream last night about a situation in my life, something really beneath the surface. And it was weird …

I do not believe myself to be clairvoyant or anything, but this type of dream often moves me to action. I don’t know what I will do with this one, but here goes:

I was talking to a friend at a local company and we were discussing how the economy and particularly the Dow Jones Industrial Average influences the local church … (Yeah, I know. I had a chicken burrito at Moe’s for supper last night.)

Anyway, when I asked him who the steward of that data was he transferred me to a man (who has NEVER been a member of Ebenezer) but who is one of my least favorite people in Florence. I found myself on the phone with him and he said something really insulting (as he would). I responded by telling him I knew things had not been good between us and I just wanted to clear the air. So I did. And then he put me on hold.

And I held. And I held. And I held. And then my alarm went off and it was time to get up. And when I woke up, I was thinking, “that dude is SUCH A JERK!”

All we can do is the right thing when dealing with others. And we are not responsible for their response to it. And I am sure my subconscious is telling me something else in all of this. And if that is true, I will be having more dreams that I remember vividly in the near future!

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