Yes, I am old

16 Nov

This weekend had a crazy pace: Late leaving Florence Friday, drove like maniacs to get to Clemson, took Krissy and friends out to eat at this really good (and reasonable) Italian place downtown, then to Mom and Dad’s house. Saturday morning we woke up, drove to Milliken Research Center in Spartanburg where Drew qualified in the SC Junior Olympics to run in the REGIONAL meet next weekend (again, in Sparkleberry). Then spending the day with Krissy. It was the FIRST TIME in over a month that I’d actually SEEN her in person and the first time since AUGUST that we spent time with her alone!! It was a great day!

Krissy was diagnosed with Swine Flu last Wednesday but was feeling okay. Still taking Tamiflu and still coughing a little. But it was so good just to get to talk to her and for us to be together as a family. I slept Saturday night SO WELL, just knowing that all four of us were under the same roof!! (She stayed in Clemson on Friday to go to the basketball game after supper)

Sunday we went to church with her at Crosspoint. Really enjoyed the worship service! Got to see Joel and Allyson Fowler AND saw one of Wes’ old friends who laughed with me about his going to seminary!! (Not that it is funny, but Wes always SWORE seminary wasn’t for him! God has a great sense of humor!!!)

Amid ALL of this, my ankle tendonitis flared up Friday and I was walking like Chester from Gunsmoke most of the weekend. (The Chester reference is PROOF enough that I am old)

When Krissy turned 18, it really hit me … Now that she is 19, I am accepting the fact that I am old! But I’m not in the grave yet!! But I am tired … Yes, I am old!

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