Is your heart in it?

20 Nov

Friends have asked me over the past few months why I haven’t blogged as often as I did in the months before. I’ve given a variety of answers, but today — THE TRUTH. My heart just hasn’t been in it!

Not that I don’t enjoy blogging, but I really do blog from my heart. And in the past few months there have been things on my heart that I’ve not been able to blog about! One of the closest things to my heart has been Krissy’s move to Clemson. She really is doing well right now, but I couldn’t have truthfully written that a few months ago. She has overcome several obstacles (MOST of which was out of her control to begin with) and (knock wood) she is doing really well right now.

Another issue that has my concern is the economy. And our church. And, SPECIFICALLY, how folks at Ebenezer will respond to the economy. Here we are, stepping out in great faith in a building program at EBC and some use the economy as an excuse to STOP giving to the Lord. Is our faith really that conditional??

But, back to that heart thing … We tend to jump in when our heart is in it, and we migrate away from things when our heart is not. Is YOUR heart in it?

What can we do about it? There are times when there is nothing you CAN do but pray. And WE SHOULD PRAY! But there are also times when we CAN do something about the funk life puts us in. I guess what separates the men from the boys is knowing when we CAN do something, and having the wisdom and discipline to DO IT!

When all else fails, there is ONE CONSTANT. ONE THING we can do with all else fails … FOLLOW GOD UNCONDITIONALLY. Is YOUR HEART INTO THAT??

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