One Crazy Weekend

23 Nov

HUNDREDS asked me yesterday, “What did you do to your leg??” I guess I need to answer the question here, and maybe I will have to answer it a little less when out and about!! The simple answer is “I am getting older and DUMBER.” But that answer never suffices out there, so here goes:

This past weekend we AGAIN returned to the Upstate. Last weekend we were up for Krissy’s 19th birthday and for Drew to run in the SC Junior Olympics. He qualified to move on to the regional meet, which was AGAIN at the Milliken Research Center in Spartanburg. During the week Diana was able to finagle enough tickets for us to go the the Clemson/Virginia game Saturday afternoon. The plan was to go up, take Krissy out to eat on Friday (and leave Lauren Kirven at Clemson with her), go to Milliken for Drew’s run, and make a mad dash for Death Valley to make it for gametime. Simple, right??

Friday night we picked Krissy up and began to seek a place for supper. And it was a GAME WEEKEND, so every restaurant in Clemson and Anderson was SLAMMED. (I wanted the Mellow Mushroom, but alas …) We FINALLY found Panera Bread in Anderson to be not so crowded. We entered to see the cashiers frantically trying to get the cash registers to unfreeze! The manager told us he was sorry, but it would be ten or fifteen minutes. WE WERE STARVING!! He gave us bread and free drinks while we waited, and that was the BEST BREAD!!

We had to then complete Krissy’s shopping list, so the only part of the UNC/Syracuse game I saw was while we were in Dick’s Sporting Goods. The little bit I saw gave me indigestion. My ‘Heels forgot rule number 1: IF YOU DON’T SCORE, YOU WON’T WIN. In the words of Charlie Brown, “AUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!”

When we got back to Easley, Mom and Dad were waiting up on us. Dad told me he needed us to help him get his Gator and his lawnmower out of the gully beside his house. (Don’t ask how they got there …)

Saturday morning, I woke Drew up early so we could get this stuff done and get to Milliken. Drew and I had to fight our way into the gully among the kudzu and briars. I told Drew to get on the lawnmower and crank it, put it in reverse, and I would push while he backed it out.

I’ve been fighting tendonitis in my right ankle for about a month. Every time it gets better, I forget and do something STUPID. Saturday was no exception … The first time I braced and pushed I felt something all too familiar in that ankle. And it hurt. And I thought, “Oh, crud … if I don’t get these things out of here I won’t be able to make it back down here.” So we raised the cutting deck on the mower, and I pushed the mower out on one foot.

The Gator would be a different story. It was stuck over a couple of logs. We had to put two boards under the right rear wheel then Drew got on it and put it in reverse. This time I had to grab it from behind and rock it off the logs while reminding Drew not to run over me, to be careful. He was. If not for Drew, that Gator and mower would still be stuck.

At some point I realized I would have to get that Gator out if I wanted to get back to the house. I drove it back while Drew drove the mower. But I knew I would never be able to walk in to my seat at the stadium, so the game was out for me … 😦

It worked out pretty well for Krissy. One of her friends lost their tickets, so she was able to get in and sit with Lauren in the Dorriety’s seats. Drew used mine and I sat in a recliner ALL DAY with my foot propped up.

And THAT is why I could barely walk yesterday at church …

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