12 Dec

This week has been a wild one. And at the end of the week I find myself very disappointed in some folks. And that’s all I really can say about that.

On one hand, as the Body of Christ we have a RESPONSIBILITY to each other to live after God’s own heart. So, there is a part of every one of us that should STRIVE with all our might to not let each other down. On the other hand, people are human, fallible and imperfect. And they will make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes require results that are hard and less than desirable. But such is life.
And as I write this I know there are times when perhaps I’ve let some of you down. If so, I am sorry. Just like you, I’m imperfect. But we press on towards the goal!!
My prayer for you tonight is that you will have a great Christmas season and I pray disappointment will leave you alone for a while!!!

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