An Acts 2 Church

15 Dec

Is YOUR church an Acts 2 church?? Take the test and see!! (From Acts 2:42-47):

  • They were devoted to the teaching of God’s word
  • They were devoted to fellowship with each other
  • They were devoted to celebrating communion together
  • They were devoted to prayer
  • They were “awed” by God
  • Many wonders and miracles were done among them
  • They helped each other as each had need
  • They continually worshiped
  • They liked spending time with each other
  • They praised God
  • The way they lived attracted others to life in Christ
  • And God was SAVING OTHERS through their work
And I am thankful that Ebenezer IS an Acts 2 church. We are NOT PERFECT, mind you, but in so many ways I see the Acts 2 church over and over. And I LOVE IT!!!

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