Dad’s Condition: aka A hard Christmas

31 Dec

I am blogging this today because I KNOW all my Twitter and FB friends have got to be tired of my posts by now. On behalf of my family, thanks for all the prayers that have been said and those still going up. The events of the last 24 hours leave us not knowing what the future will hold, but we DO KNOW Who holds the future. And so does my dad!!

When Diana, Krissy, Drew and I left here on Monday Dad was doing pretty well. Really starting the turn the corner. Our plan was to come home, get a couple of things done, repack, and return on Thursday. Elaine (my little sis) was here until late Wednesday afternoon and it seemed like a good plan. But while Dad seemed to be progressing on Monday, Tuesday found him talking less and less and sleeping more and more. On Wednesday morning, Dr. Gardner decided he would operate again to drain more fluid and would adjust the shunt (which I thought should’ve been done on SUNDAY). He is concerned that Dad is not waking up. (So am I!)
So … although I’d already planned to do Prayer Meeting and come up afterwards, our plans changed. We ran a couple of errands, packed as quickly as we could, and hustled up here. And Dad was still in his room. And we waited. And waited. And waited. And at 7pm, Doc came back in and told us he wanted to wait until this morning to do the surgery. And that Dad’s scans all looked good, so he was really unsure IF it would even make a difference. He told us he is concerned about all the sleeping too, because it makes him think Dad had a stroke at some point. Mom asked him if Dad would recover from all this … He answered “We really don’t know” (or something like that).
So here we are. In the room, waiting to hear something about when this surgery will take place. And wondering …

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