Starting the New Year off with a bang!!

1 Jan

We rang in the New Year last night by watching the dude do the Rally Car stunt on ESPN. That was pretty cool. We all went to bed after that knowing we couldn’t get into ICU to see Dad until 9am. So I set my alarm and went to sleep. This morning I got up and about 10 minutes into my new year the phone rang … and my heart stopped. I went to my mom’s door and it was the hospital.

For dramatic purposes, pause reading for a second. Because time stood still for about ten seconds. It was Dr. Gardner. It was GOOD NEWS! He called because he was about to go off call and his replacement would have a busy, busy day ahead of him. He started the call with “DON’T PANIC! THIS IS A GOOD CALL!” (We really appreciated that … this guy has good communication skills.)

He told us Dad had a great night. He was rousing around and becoming more awake. He isn’t fully awake, but he is opening his eyes and waking up. Looking around. They did another CAT Scan and said the left side of his brain looks good. The right side, which the ER doctor told us had blood a week ago, still has some blood but it is a smaller amount. Doc says he doesn’t want to go after that yet, but to give Dad some time to recoup. He hasn’t mentioned a possible stroke in two days now, so I am not sure what that means. He is going to leave Dad on the vent for another day or two (which always makes me nervous). All in all, it was a good call.

And we are praying for more good days from here. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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