Another Good Night

2 Jan

Up here in ICU, I guess everyone just wants another good night. Another good day. I’ve seen and heard much from others in this waiting area. Some good. Some not so good. It all reminds me that life is very difficult and opens my heart so much more to what my EBC families have been through when in the same shoes. I might blast through and visit for 30 minutes, but they are the warriors that are in the heat of things. They are praying until their knees are raw. They are celebrating the smallest of victories, and agonizing when the setbacks hit.

Mom had a bad feeling last night and this morning. I can’t imagine how painful it must be to see Dad like this on their 56th Wedding Anniversary. Today is a day to celebrate on many levels, but I’m sure she never thought she would celebrate like this. Now, she would be the FIRST to tell you (and I AGREE) that we would much rather celebrate it up here than be in mourning. And today really is a day to celebrate!
We got here this morning and found that Dad had another good night!! His breathing is better, so much so they are considering removal of the VENT. They will have to leave the tube because of some mucus with which he’s had a hard time. (Don’t be alarmed: Chest x-rays are CLEAR. I think he has some sinus pressure goin on)
Today he is more alert. He was moving BOTH HANDS like crazy and wanted to talk to me while I was back there, so much that I couldn’t stay too long. He is getting agitated with the vent and that is a good thing … it seems every hour he is becoming more alert. This from a guy that slept for three days solid. We are thankful!!
My older sister is driving in from Memphis today, and my little sis is chomping at the bit to get back here from Tampa. And I will be heading back to Florence this evening.
Mom is in good hands, in great spirits, and I ask all my friends to pray for her today as she celebrates her 56th anniversary with her sweetheart. And today we celebrate!!!

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