The rest of Tuesday’s story

6 Jan

I regret that I didn’t have time to update this until now. Much has happened to keep me from a keyboard, but I finally am able to write this.

Dad’s morning valley quickly turned around. He eventually woke up more. He wants to get out of there, even asking my sister to break him out. He had a swallowing test today that he passed, and now is able to begin eating food (I think they started him on liquids, so I don’t know if you can really call it eating yet!)
I got into my car at 3 in Florence and basically just got out of it and sat down with my computer in my lap. Long journey, long story. I am spending the night in Easley at Mom and Dad’s and going to the hospital tomorrow for a while before I return to Florence.
And, all in all, I am counting my blessings. Headache is gone. Long tasks done. I just hope God blesses me with a sermon for Sunday now!!!

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