A Word on Wednesday

6 Jan

Yeah … Just tryin to come up with something more creative for a blog entry title about Dad. We are entering our seventh day in the 4th Floor ICU at Greenville Memorial, and our 12th day (total) in this hospital. Mom is getting tired but doing okay: She told me mornings are better than afternoons. She didn’t get home from the hospital last night until almost 10:30, and was back here by 8:15 this morning. She can’t keep this pace up … PLEASE PRAY FOR HER! She is a real trooper!

We went in this morning to find both drain tubes REMOVED! (BY THE DOCS!!! They’ve had some trouble with Dad trying to remove things in the past two days.) They did a CT scan this morning that looked good. When we went back, Dad was still pretty groggy and sleeping from his pain meds. Should be waking up around 10:30, and I intend to go back in then.
The next question is “when will he get to transition out of ICU?” His nurse told us to ask the doc when we see him around noonish. Hope its closer to noon than two, because Raoul (the Accord) and I have to get back to Florence this afternoon. IT’S FRIED CHICKEN NIGHT AT EBC!!! And, there’s something else I gotta do, too!!

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