Dear AT&T

8 Jan

Just wanted to share some thoughts with you, my old friend, AT&T. Tell you a story. Hope you listen:

I know it is not your fault my dad is having some health issues. As I’ve spent most of the past two weeks out of town, I’ve had issues with you and you haven’t been a good friend. When I returned from my trip to Greenville at Christmas, I found my DSL modem fried. Okay, I’m sorry that must be a South Carolina metaphor. If I told Dean Lisenby, Robbie Roof, Paul Triplett, or Dustin Fails that my modem was fried, they would COMPLETELY and IMMEDIATELY understand. So when I told your DSL tech over the toll-free support line, he had no clue. He did not speak South Carolinian, and barely spoke English. I asked him if I had equipment coverage or if there was any chance my modem was under warranty. He had no clue. I told him unless I knew it was covered NOT TO SHIP. He shipped.
I called the folks at billing. They said it was gonna cost me $75, but I could call and get a return label if I did not want it. I found one … One of the above mentioned friends had one HE GAVE ME. So your box came to my house while I was out of town again with my dad.
This morning I finally had time to call you, AT&T. To get a return label. What I got was a very nice young lady who, once again, DID NOT SPEAK SOUTH CAROLINIAN. She asked me how I wanted the label: email or snail mail. I answered SNAIL MAIL. She then proceeded to tell me she’d already emailed it and I would have it soon. Guess what?? IT NEVER CAME.
So, I will call and call and call until I get someone who speaks ENGLISH and try again.
So, AT&T, you might think you are saving money by farming out tech support to another continent. But you are HURTING YOURSELVES. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REALLY STINKS RIGHT NOW.

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